Gallery Space

Exhibition space at the chapel

We welcome art galleries based in London and throughout the world to exhibit at the Fitzrovia Chapel. Over the last year, we have hosted exhibitions by galleries and cultural organisations including Richard Ingleby Gallery, the Horiuchi Foundation, Erskine, Hall & Coe, the installation artist Scanner and TJ Boulting Gallery. The chapel has taken part in Photo London fair and Frieze Art Fair. We are experienced at showing and promoting high-quality exhibitions in our beautiful space.

An architectural, historical and design masterpiece in its own right, the chapel provides an inspiring backdrop — and sufficient empty space — to show artistic pieces in the most stunning way. Your exhibition will gain publicity not just by its own merit but by its association with the chapel which often becomes a talking point in reviews and articles.

Richard Ingleby Gallery

We were delighted to welcome Richard Ingleby Gallery in residence during Frieze London in October 2017. Artists David Batchelor, Jonathan Owen, Kevin Harman and Peter Liversdge were presented during the show.

Horiuchi Foundation

In May 2017, the Horiuchi Foundation presented a series of photographs at the chapel by Tomohiro Muda. The exhibition was called Icons of Time: Memories of the Tsunami that Struck Japan and was a photographic record of artefacts left behind in the wake of the disaster in 2011. It formed a satellite event for Photo London fair.

Erskine, Hall & Coe

This major London ceramics and sculpture gallery hired the chapel in July 2017 to present Claudi Casanovas’s third solo exhibition with Erskine, Hall & Coe. Quart Minvant explored the concept of emptiness with six massive stone sculptures in the jewel-like interior of the chapel.

TJ Boulting

This boutique, Fitzrovia-based gallery has shown works by artist Stephanie Quayle and photographer Sian Davey at the chapel. Gallery owner Hannah Watson said: ‘’The chapel is perfectly situated to attract visitors to a show. Its beautiful space was a huge asset to my exhibitions.’

Exhibit at the chapel

If you are an art gallery, an arts-focused organisation or an artist or photographer who would like to discuss venue hire for your exhibition or show, please contact Vaida Pikzirne,  our Event and Operations Manager, by email at or phone +44 (0)20 3409 9895. Alternatively, you can contact Faye Hughes, Artistic Director, at or +44 (0)20 3409 9895.